Thursday, June 18, 2015


My group have been assigned to conduct a study on the level of ICT skills among the housemen. Click the link below the image to view the full essay of the study.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

THE IMPORTANCE AND IMPACT of smartphone to teens


Smartphone have become a form of personal ornament that must be owned by all teenagers. The sophistication of smartphone often attract young people up there who are willing to starve or work during school holidays just to get the latest and better smartphone. As a result, people thought that smartphones have become a waste, but there are still lauding the importance of this handphone.Thus, what is the advantages of mobile phones to teens? These are the reasons.
Here are 5 things a typical smartphone is used more frequently than making or receiving voice calls:

  1. email- one of the greatest things about the smartphone is that it's capable of accessing and downloading email over either a wi-fi network or a cellular data connection. That means your email is available in your pocket 24/7.
  2. texting/instant messaging- a nice middle-ground between email and voice calls. It's an immediate form of communication, and it is often way more convenience and courteous than a voice call.
  3.  web surfing- this point started out being called 'research'. Whether you need to keep up with breaking news in your country even worldwide the smartphone lets you surf the Web in the palm of your hand. You can compare features or research better prices while out for shopping.
  4. GPS- Maps, and turn-by turn directions are one of the most valuable functions of a smartphone. Whether you are driving in your car or hoofing it, your smartphone can help you reach the destinations as efficiently as possible.
  5. camera- one of the common uses for a smartphone is as a camera or video camera. Just look at the phenomenal success of Instagram, Flickr, and many more. It's not that the smartphone is a better camera than DSLR or even a traditional point-and-shoot- in fact most pale in comparison. It's simply a matter of convenience because most people have their smartphone with them everywhere they go and do not carry a camera around unless they know they need to. 
Obviously, mobile phones have multipurpose important in ensuring our youth into an informative adolescent.
Certainly the most visible impact is the use of mobile phones has led to increasing living cost. The habit of using the telephone to communicate keeping the cost increase. This situation may be burdened for them to seek new money to pay the bills or even worse can lead them towards a negative ways such as stealing parent's money just to settle the bills or buy prepaid to stay connected. Thus, mobile phones can cause adolescence experiencing serious financial problems.

Furthermore, frequent use of smartphone among the teenagers can make them lost focus and interest on studying. They tend to use smartphone during the lesson class, by surfing internet, having chit chat with friends at cyberspace and become busier with useless things. That's why i disagree with the recommendation of allowing the students to bring the cell phones to the school because i think there will be more negative impacts. This is because these days there's a lot of social networking that are very popular among the teenagers such as facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, wechat and much more. I am daring to say that teenagers nowadays have all this application on their smartphone because this applications can be downloaded using the play store. If this issues continues without supervision it will affect the student's performance.

In the nutshell, the smartphone used should be controlled among the teenagers to prevent them from unhealthy culture. Parents should be reprimand and supervise their children from using this technology recklessly. But, i have no doubt about the importance of the smartphone. There are pro and contra about the smartphone. But if we used this technology wisely, there's a lot of benefit we can gain from that.



We have given a task to create a video. This is a group assignment so we decided to make a video on promoting our library department.
This is my group members. We all known as the Libbies:)
Quite creepy right? Haha

The Libbies

After the shooting and recording session, we edit the video using WindowsMovieMaker Sofware:)
So, this is the result from the editing. Please Enjoy!!:)

Thursday, June 4, 2015


For BBM project, i decided to make a photo frame because it is easy and convenience. I only used:

  • box
  • wrapper paper
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • scissor
  • sticker

the picture below show the step how to make the frame. Stay tuned ;)

1. Cut the box according to your size
2. Cut the wrapper according to the size of the box
3. Wrap the box with the wrapper
4. Put the ribbon at the surrounding. style it on your own creativity follow the step above till u satisfied
10. Decorate the photo frame with the sticker/ cute accessories to make it become more elegant
11. Finally, photo frame is made. The photo can be put in that frame as a memory ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

technology and innovation in MEDICINE

1) breast reconstruction surgery option

There's a new single-step breast reconstruction surgery option available for some women having a mastectomy. Breast tissue is removed and reconstructed in one step so women wake up from the surgery with a full figure.

2) lead less cardiac pacemaker

Since 1958, the technology involved in cardiac pacemakers hasn't changed much. A silver-dollar sized pulse generator and a thin wire or lead inserted through the vein kept the heart beating at a steady pace. Leads, though, can break and crack, and become infection sites in 2% of cases. Vitamin-sized wireless cardiac pacemakers can be implanted directly in the heart without surgery and eliminate malfunction complications and restriction on daily physical activities.

3) new drug for heart failure

Angiotensin-receptor neprilysin inhibitor or ARNI has been granted "fast-track status" by the FDA because of its impressive survival advantage over the ACE inhibitor enalapril, the current "gold standard" for treating patients with heart failure. The unique drug compound represents a paradigm shift in heart failure therapy.

4) PCSK9 inhibitors for cholesterol reduction

Effective statin medications has been used to reduce cholesterol in heart disease patients for over 2 decades, but some people are intolerant and cannot benefit from them. Several PCSK9 inhibitors, or injectable cholesterol lowering drugs are in development for those who don't benefit from statins. The FDA is expected to approve the first PCSK9 in 2015 for its ability to significantly lower LDL cholesterol to levels never seen before.

5) dengue fever vaccine

One mosquito bite is all it takes. More than 50 to 100 million people in more than 100 countries contract the dengue virus each year. The world's first vaccine has been developed and tested, and is expected to be submitted to regularly groups in 2015 with commercialization expected later that year.

6) cost-effective, fast, painless blood testing

Have the days of needles and vials come to an end? The new art of blood collection uses a drop of blood drawn from the fingertip in a virtually painless procedure. Test results are available within hours of the original draw and are estimated to cost as little as 10% of the traditional Medicare reimbursement.

7) innovation in breast cancer detection

Approved by the FDA Feb 11,2011 breast tomosynthesis, a new imaging technology pioneered by the MGH Breast Imaging Program under the leadership of Elizabeth Rafferty, MD, director of Breast Imaging at MGH, produces a 3D of the breast and gives doctors a clearer view through the overlapping structures of breast tissue. 

8) new drugs for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Nearly 80,000 American adults with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis may breathe easier in 2015 with the recent FDA-approval of two new experimental drugs. Pirfenidone and nintedanib slow the disease progress of the lethal lung disease, which causes scarring of the air sacs. Prior to this developments, there was no known treatment for IPF where life expectancy after diagnosis is just 3 to 5 years. 

9) modular devices for complex aneurysm treatment

This off-the-shelf fenestrated device has a four-piece modular design: a proximal tubular component with fenestrations, a second bifurcated component without a top cap, and two iliac limbs. The device is based on the fenestrated platform for elective patients. The standardized location of the fenestration is expected to accommodate anatomy for approximately 70% of patients with less than 10 variations of the proximal piece. Vascular surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic have recently performed the initial first-in-human procedures in the US with off-the-shelf fenestrated endografts for patients with juxtarenal and type IV TAAAs. The new device formed by covered balloon-expandable stents to both renal arteries and the superior mesenteric artery.

10) ex vivo lung perfusion

For decades, heart and lung transplant surgeons have followed a strict directive: get the donor organ into the recipient as soon as possible. Currently, only about 15%-20% of donor lungs are acceptable for transplantation since lungs are susceptible to injuries during the brain-death process or from intensive care unit-related lung complications. These numbers can easily be doubled with the Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion used to treat and improve donor lungs.



Monday, June 1, 2015

10 gambar TEKNOLOGI & INOVASI dalam M E D I C I N E

1) gelang amaran radiasi untuk ibu hamil

Perkembangan pesat masyarakat dan kemajuan teknologi sering kali dikaitkan dengan kerosakan radiasi elektromagnet yang disebabkan oleh produk berteknologi tinggi dan boleh membahayakan perkembangan bayi. Penghasilan gelang penjagaan oleh Gang Wang, Bin Xiao dan Yanyan Cheng yang berfungsi sebagai alat amaran radiasi ini telah direka khas untuk ibu-ibu hamil supaya peka dengan bahaya radiasi kepada kandungan. Alat ini mempunyai peranti pengesanan radiasi yang berfungsi memberi amaran kepada pengguna. Apabila pemakainya berada di kawasan selamat, ia akan berwarna hijau. Sebaliknya jika pemakai tersebut berada di kawasan voltan yang tinggi ia akan menjadi merah jambu dan mula bergetar memberi amaran supaya pemakai tersebut menjauhi sumber radiasi tersebut.

2) electronic cigarette

Rokok elektronik dibuat menggunakan teknologi elektronik di mana rokok ini mengeluarkan asap yang berbeza dengan rokok biase. Asap rokok ini dihasilkan melalui wap air, tidak berbau dan juga tidak menyebabkan gigi menjadi kuning. Rokok ini juga mengeluarkan asap tetapi ianya tidak membahayakan kesihatan kerana ia berasal daripada wap air. Rokok elektronik juga tidak mengandungi bahan2 yang berbahaya seperti yang ditemui dalam rokok-rokok lain.

3) alat pengesan aliran darah

Obesiti merupakan faktor penyebab berlakunya pembesaran atrial kiri yang meningkatkan risiko strok, ritma jantung tidak normal serta boleh membawa maut. Menurut kajian yang diterbitkan dalam jurnal American College of  Cardiology itu mendapati struktur jantung serta injap jantung turut mengalami perubahan yang berpunca daripada obesiti. Alat ini berfungsi untuk mengesan keabnormalan aliran darah ke jantung. Alat pengesan bersaiz dua ibu jari ini diletakkan di saluran darah atau endothelium di mana ia merupakan punca kepada kerosakan jantung. Dengan alat ini, kerosakan jantung dapat dikesan pada peringkat awal sekurang-kurangnya 2 tahun lebih awal dan rawatan awal dapat dilakukan sebelum menjadi lebih teruk.

4) stente

Untuk merawat CAD, stent membebaskan ubat yang dimasukkan ke dalam saluran darah. Implan ini direka khas bagi membantu membesarkan saluran darah yang tersumbat untuk melancarkan pengaliran darah ke jantung. Teknologi perubatan terkini menemui Absorb BVS, iaitu satu-satunya stent pembebasan ubat (DES) bukan metalik. Uniknya BVS dihasilkan daripada polylactide, bahan yang biasanya digunakan dalam bidang perubatan seperti benang jahitan pembedahan mudah larut. Memandangkan ia daripada bahan semulajadi, BVS selamat digunakan sebagai implant kerana ia akan larut dalam masa 2 tahun dan diserap semula ke dalam tubuh.

5) alat untuk memeriksa tekanan darah bersama telefon pintar

I health blood pressure dock adalah salah satu alat yang berfungsi untuk monitor tekanan darah dan denyutan jantung yang digunakan bersama telefon pintar seperti Iphone dan Ipad. Alat ini menolong individu dan ahli keluarga dalam memberi kesedaran tentang kepentingan kesihatan. Ia amat sesuai dan mudah di bawa ke mana-mana sahaja kerana saiznya yang tidak berat dan besar. Ia boleh dicaj jika kehabisan bateri.

cara penggunaan:
  1. memuat turun aplikasi ini ke dalam telefon pintar anda
  2. sambungkan telefon pintar anda dengan dok tersebut
  3. pasangkan cuff tekanan darah di lengan anda
  4. tekan butang mula dalam aplikasi tersebut
  5. bacaan tekanan darah dan denyutan jantung akan keluar menerusi skrin telefon pintar bersama graf

Alat ini amat sesuai untuk orang yang mempunyai masalah penyakit tekanan darah tinggi. Bagi pesakit ini mereka boleh monitor tekanan darah mereka pada bila-bila masa dan di mana jua sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga jika terdapat tanda-tanda gejala seperti sakit kepala dan pemandangan kabur.

6) tungku elektrik

Produk ini dibuat dari teknologi canggih dan merupakan inovasi terbaru bantal kesihatan. Bahan fabrik bantal ini diperbuat dari bahan anti kuman/bakteria. Ia tidak berbau dan diisi dengan cecair berubat. Bantal ini amat bagus untuk tujuan mengelakkan artritis, sakit mata, servikal vertebra, sakit kepala, sakit gigi, panas badan, sakit leher, bahu, belakang, sakit tulang/otot reumatisme, sakit ketika haid, sakit perut juga sesuai untuk perempuan selepas bersalin.

7) glucogrip

Alat ini adalah konsep kit berteknologi tinggi yang berupaya mengesan kadar gula dalam darah. Ia direka khusus untuk mengurangkan kos perubatan dengan menggabungkan agronomi dan teknologi yang sederhana dan mudah digunapakai. Alat ini menggabungkan Lancing dan penganalisa darah, mengurangkan masa dan gerak untuk pengumpulan melalui salah satu objek di hujung jari anda. Jarum yang digunakan untuk mendapatkan titisan darah tidak meninggalkan kesan kepada kulit. Antara kelebihan menggunakan Glucogrip membolehkan pengguna untuk menggunakannya dengan mudah. Selain itu, ia mempunyai memori untuk menyimpan data-data kesihatan yang lepas.

8) mint pass

Terdapat pelbagai cara untuk menghalau nyamuk daripada mendekati kita. Antaranya dengan menggunakan penyembur aerosol, ubat nyauk, kelambu dan sebagainya. Namun masalah tersebut tidak pernah selesai. Kini terdapat satu alat yang dikenali dengan nama Mint Pass menjadi salah satu cara yang selamat untuk menghalau nyamuk. Ia tidak memerlukan para pengguna untuk menyalakan api untuk membuatkannya berfungsi. Dengan nyalaan lampu hijau sahaja telah menandakan bahawa alat tersebut telah berfungsi dan ianya sangat berkesan bagi menghalau nyamuk. Oleh itu, demam denggi dapat dielakkan.

9) robot pemanggil automatik

Alat ini juga dikenali sebagai robot tandas. Robot ini mempunyai roda dan dikawal oleh alat pengesan. Jika seseorang terlantar di atas katil dan mahu menggunakan tandas, dia perlu klik pada alat pengesan robot dan tandas pada roda akan segera datang ke sisi katil. Kedua-dua lengan robot ini berfungsi untuk membantu orang yang menggunakannya menyesuaikan diri dan menempatkan dirinya dengan selesa di kerusi tandas. Alat ini amat sesuai kepada warga emas yang mempunyai masalah pergerakan yang terhad/strok. Robot ini juga mempunyai keistimewaan untuk mengenali suara dan mengikut arahan pengguna.

10) prostetik

Mampu menggantikan seluruh atau sebahagian anggota badan yang tiada. Selain itu, teknologi ini berupaya untuk mengubahsuai struktur dan fungsi ciri-ciri sistem skeletal dan neuromaskular. Teknologi ini direka untuk meningkatkan keupayaan hidup bagi individu yang tidak berupaya. Teknologi ini mampu menyediakan sokongan, perlindungan, pencegahan, pengawasan, mobiliti, pengubahsuaian berat dan sebagainya.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


At week 7th, all of us learnt photography. So each of us need to take picture around HOSPITAL UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA also known as 'HUKM' as a measure to promote this hospital to the outsiders. 

~so, this is the result after i edited it using I phone application~

This picture looks kinda simple but its meaningful because this is the place where i used to study. (My Uni Life) This is the place where i make friends:)

'There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better'